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We know how important it is for your commercial building to have a robust and long-lasting roof that can protect it from water, wind, and other risks that could harm your business. In today’s highly competitive market, we have risen to the top by providing exceptional services at the most reasonable pricing to our clients. We believe in upholding the highest quality standards while never compromising on the services we offer. Our team understands the importance of a strong roof in a building’s structural stability, and we want our customers to have the nicest commercial properties. Our workers have years of experience and are adept in the use of a variety of materials as well as cutting-edge technologies to ensure that your home is not only secure and stable, but also attractive.

Industrial Roofers – Above and beyond the regular wear and tear encountered by residential structures, roofing material utilised in the industry takes a battering. Most types of roofing materials can be broken down faster by chemicals, exhausts, and residues from the production process than by the sun, wind, and weather. Industrial buildings also appear to have more skylights to let in natural light. Unless the roofing system is correctly installed and maintained, penetrations in the roofing system might lead to leaks. Furthermore, for firms with sensitive industrial processes where dust and dirt falling from above can cause problems, extra safety precautions and attention must be taken with roofing systems.

When you want a company that knows everything about industrial roofing, you have got us. We can help you choose the material, plan the design and install the industrial roof so it fits the best for their business. Our team has helped thousands of industries get the roof they needed. With quality roofing you will have a stable roof you can work on.

Industrial Roof Design – New Orleans Roof Co plans roofing designs for industries. Roofing designs for different industries will be different. While some industries may need a lot of natural light meaning more skylights, others need complete shade. Some might need more insulation, others more affordable roofing that can be replaced every few years. Our team at New Orleans Roof Co are well versed in industrial roofing and know what kind of roof goes with what type of industry. We will sit and discuss the design to get approval before starting to work.

Commercial Flat Roofer

One advantage of flat roofs is that they are less expensive than sloped roofs. Two, they provide more area for rooftop equipment such as HVAC. Three, extra roof areas might be used for gatherings or gardens. It’s important to understand your alternatives if you’re starting a physical business or replacing an old roof. Let’s have a look at six different sorts of flat roof roofing materials in this blog post.

BUR (Built-Up Roofing) : Multiple layers of material are bonded together to form built-up roofing.

Spray Foam : Spray polyurethane foam (SPF or just foam) is a liquid that produces a continuous, seamless, protective barrier around vents, pipes, and other protrusions through the roof.

Modified Bitumen (MB) : It is an asphalt that has had modifiers added to it to make it more durable by giving it plastic or rubber-like qualities.

Single-Ply Roofing Membranes : Single-ply roofing membranes (also known as PVC or TPO) are made up of four fundamental components: an insulation layer, a single ply membrane (typically composed of plastic or rubber), flashing, and a waterproofing layer.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) : EPDM roofing is a type of rubber roofing. Because it is both inexpensive and durable, flat roofing has dominated the market. EPDM roofing is lighter than earlier roofing systems. Because of the lightness, owners do not need to reinforce their roof decks. EPDM can be installed in a variety of ways by roofing professionals. They employ bolts, glue, or ballast in the form of stone.

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Commercial Roofing Maintenance

For a commercial property, roof failure is not an option, and company interruption due to repairs or lack of maintenance can be fatal or cause you thousands of dollars of loss. Damage to sensitive equipment, merchandise, and other assets might result from a leaking roof, not to mention the risk to the personnel on the premises. If the commercial property is a retail store, official building, the poor roof will reflect badly on your customers. It will see how unbothered you are of your business and will show on your business. That is why it is critical to have experienced roofers on hand, not only for routine maintenance but also for repairs should something go wrong. Many industrial spaces are divided into smaller sections and leased to tenants, all of whom are housed under the same roof. Proper roof maintenance, according to can help tenants prevent property damage and dissatisfied business owners. We have a range of maintenance contracts and schedules to choose from. We are determined to think about the issue of convenience when making repairs, including tenant business and worker safety, parking lot access, and minimising other business disruptions.

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With over 30 years of experience helping retail property owners minimise business disruptions, New Orleans Roof Co is determined to think about the issue of convenience when making repairs, including tenant business and worker safety, parking lot access, and minimising other business disruptions. We also offer quick response times, including a 24-hour emergency service and timely repairs with high-quality materials. Our team provides a free evaluation to assess maintenance and repair requirements.

We are dependable and sought after roofing that you can trust. Our team of trained professionals are more than capable of installing, repairing, inspecting and maintaining your commercial roof. We know how to detect even the minor leaks and repair them so they don’t cause bigger issues later on. We understand all your commercial roofing needs and know how to do it right.


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