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When You Should Replace Your Roof In New Orleans

One of your most critical tasks as a homeowner is to keep your property up to code. When it comes to maintaining a property over time, it’s no different than any other investment. The longer you’ve lived in your home, the more likely you are to consider replacing your old roof. Consider the factors and decide when you should replace your roof in New Orleans. Let’s get started.

Old Roof

Most roofs survive 20-25 years. So if your roof is growing old, call a local roofing firm for an estimate. You can either replace or overlay your existing shingles.

A new layer of shingles is laid over the old. In most cases, tearing off the old roof and replacing it with a new one will save you money and give your property a new look. Overlays have a shorter lifespan than replacing your roof.

Cracks And Breaks

Inspecting your roof’s shingles is another technique to decide if it needs more work or replacement.

Look for cracks, misshaped shingles, or shingles that have curled or bowed upwards when evaluating the external shingles of your home’s roof.

Shingle Issues

Curled, broken, or deformed shingles may require further inspection to decide whether they can be replaced individually or if you need a new roof.

Finding shingle granules on your roof or piling up in your gutters can also indicate a need for a new roof. Excessive shingle granule loss is a solid sign that your roof isn’t providing maximum protection and insulation for your home.

Look for odd cracks or breaks on the exterior and interior of your home’s roof. Cracks or cracks can occur both within and outside of the roof, which is why a comprehensive check is required.

If you find any cracks on either side of your roof, you should investigate deeper to determine the root reason or trigger. If you are unable to pinpoint the cause of the crack, you may need to consult a professional roofing business or contractor.

Deteriorating Roof

A deteriorating roof is never a good indicator, especially during an inspection. Your roof may be deteriorating or moist if you observe many damp areas, mildew stains, or even the darkening of individual beams.

If your roof is sagging or dripping with moisture, it may be rotting. In rare circumstances, it may be possible to replace and repair damaged roof beams and sections. When a roof is deteriorating or damaged with water, it is usually best to replace the complete roof.

You may need to replace your entire roof if you are unable to restore the sunken and wet parts of your roof. Children, the elderly, and even the immunocompromised can be seriously harmed by a wet or rotten roof.

If a roof is moist, soaked, or deteriorating, it can create and spread mold. Mold can grow and spread throughout your home’s airways, vents, and ducts. mold-related illnesses include lung issues, Waterlogged timber, roofing, or other structural parts of your property that must be addressed while performing your roof check.


It is a type of roofing material used to seal the chimney. Aluminized or steel flashing could last 30 years. Rust or cracking might allow water into your chimney and home. A local roof inspector can check the flashing.

A roofing firm can analyze your existing status and give recommendations for a repair or replacement if you’ve gone through the checklist. Consider the above factors and decide when you should replace your roof in New Orleans.


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